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Wednesday, February 14th, 2001

Aloha. So again i've been busy and neglecting my homepage. But it's Valentines day, and i'm isolating myself in my apartment, so i suppose this is as good a time as any to provide you all with an update on my life. you know, for your stalking pleasure.

I am now living in Toronto, and have been since January 01st. My cat and i are quite content here, although i do think he was a little depressed by the transition at first - he didn't eat hardly at all for a week or so when he first came here. but he's fine now. and so am i.

I was lucky enough to have my paint paid for by the property owner, and to have a property owner who was open to letting me paint the place fun colours. so my bathroom and living/sleeping area (the bliving room?) have been painted a classy sage green, and my kitchen is yellow. it's the happiest kitchen in the city, i'm sure.

I'm still working overnights, still loving my job but hating the shift that i do. I'm getting a little better about sleeping during the day, and i'm feeling some general well-ness that i haven't felt in months, so this is a positive thing. that won't stop me from being resentful over the sudden break in my social life...but nobody does overnights forever. it's going to be okay.

This saturday i am going to be bowling to help raise money for the Toronto Rape Crisis Center. i'm excited. call me a geek - but i love bowling. what a wonderful opportunity to get out your aggressions. and besides that - i'm good. damn good. i'm looking forward to kicking some ass. um...i mean...i'm looking forward to doing something good for an important cause. and kicking some ass, of course.

I should get going now. I'm almost out of cat-food and entirely out of milk, so i suppose it's time to haul my ass out to the grocery store. in the rain.

I leave you with a Smiths quote - "what she said i smoke because i'm hoping for an early death and i need to cling to something..."

"I am a psycho and i want to see all of your past entries, so i'll click here"