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"'want to fuck' is written
all over her pretty face.
the gaps in teeth, the dirty nails.
baby boy you can't kill
what's fuckin' real.
turn that song down,
turn the static up.
come here baby let me
kiss you like a boy does."
- bikini kill

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this is the part where i get to thank all of the people who are allowed into my personal space for wanting to be in that space, and for putting up with my shit while they're there. Also anyone who's had any part in making me the person that i am, even the bad parts. if your name is here, you know why...

my sister, Shari * my parents, Mom and Dad * my cat, Mo * Kevin (i love you) * Adam (i miss you, you're fabulous) * Fife House * the Asylum * Dave * anyone who's lived in or hung out in Oshawa * Tamara * Steve * Marek (you're helping make Vancouver bearable) * everyone who was mean to me in highschool (your abuse made me stronger, but fuck you anyways) * the guy who tried to teach me how to roll cigarettes when i was sleeping on the beach in Santa Barbara * me (i take most of the credit for myself)