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September 2000

It's been a long time. A very long time. And as neglected as this page has been, the nominations just keep on comming. Seems we've had some very persistant visitors.

My sudden renewed intrest in this page has manifested itself in the form of a huge overhaul. I hope that the changes in design will be met with approval.

This update comes with the promise to add a new CuddleGoth within the week. Don't be afraid to send me harrassing emails if you think it's taking too long. I could use a good harrassing right about now....

March 1999 apoligies to everyone who has been visiting this page in vain. I've been very busy, and have neglected this wonderously perky subculture. you may now bind me up and beat me silly. *evil grin*

but! i'm back, and in full effect, baybay! i've finally gotten my tushie in gear, and added a new Cuddlegoth, and i'm hoping to get more nominations from the perky masses so that i'll be able to keep on top of bringing more warm fuzzies to you all. ...just one fix...

in my absence, i failed to notice that this page has gotten in excess of 1,000 hits. awwww yeah! *bounce* a HUGE hug and a kiss on the forehead to the guy who kept hitting the "refresh" button.

December 1998

Congratulations CuddleGoths! The Cuddlegoth Homepage is now listed on the Dark Side of the Net. *bounce* Cuddles to whomever got us there.

It would seem that the perky undertones (okay, make that OVERtones) of this page has been met with some opposition. Read the nasty email I got regarding CuddleGoth.

Thanks and cuddles to you all


Past CuddleGoths

Present CuddleGoth