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Arabel, the Stormcrow

nominated by Gabe.

see, i knew Gabe was right in nominating Arabel...but this little email she posted to a mailing list she and i are both on was the topper...this girl has OBVIOUSLY embraced the pink. welcome to the other side Arabel, you're going to have F U N here!

Dear Brandy...

I am struggling with an important issue that in an area that i feel you are an expert.
*clears throat*
someone said i was a perkygoth yesterday. They said this because i was wearing a green velvet skirt and carrying a purple velvet bag. I know that being a perkygoth is more than just colour, but i was wondering if you felt that this heralded the transformation. Please help me !

arabel the confused
(and silly ;)



Past CuddleGoths

Present CuddleGoth