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Name: Brandy
Nic: DemiRep77 * StrangerThanKindness * Rabble77
D.O.B: 6.6.77
Sexuality: Queer. Specifically attracted to Butch girls and sissy-boys.
Occupation: I work for a non-profit organisation that provides home and community support to people with mental and physical disabilities.
Music: 80's stuff * Punk * Girl Rock * New Wave
Books: Fat!So? * The Hobbit and LoTR * Brave New World * anything by Erika Lopez * I & Claudius * The Last Time I Wore a Dress * 1984 * One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest * the Crysalids * We * anything by Dr. Seuss
Dress Code: cardigan's * hoodies * clunky shoes * combat boots * t-shirts * odd coloured skirts * army jacket * converse * school-girl skirts
Political: Pinko Swine
Distingusing Features: Glasses. Short/Spiked red hair. 5 earings in my right ear, 4 in my left ear. A labret stud. A lip ring. Tatoo of the celtic goose on my lower neck.
Grey Pricklies: FatPhobes * Rich Suburban Goths/Punks/Whatever - the underground for the overprivledged * Cities that don't have good public transit systems * People who complain instead of changing things
Pink Fuzzies: Waking up to my cat chewing on my fingers/toes * a live concert * abrasive Women * making lots of eye contact with cute boys/girls