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....then i'll tell you the story of my life

here it is, an egocentric little page, dedicated to me....i am not at all ashamed to admit, that this page won't be in the least bit usefull to you, unless of course, you are some sort of a freak who is obsessed with me. (i hope you don't find it at all unnerving that i am so casual about this stalking nonsence, it really does happen to me all the time. *pout* it is most tiresome really) in which case, this page will provide you with everything needed for hours of crazy stalking fun, right in the privacy of your own home! (i do hope you aren't stalking me from your local library or school computer lab.....humph, what kind of a sicko are you anyways?!)

bearing in mind that this page is ALWAYS under construction........please be forgiving

who's that girl
oh the places you'll go

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beware of mirrors: they lead us not to see ourselves, but love ourselves